Kiwi Water New Zealand was established in 2006 by Daniel Wilson, whose aim is to provide premium water at an affordable price. The company’s primary market is offshore, but products can also be ordered within New Zealand.

Sourced from the worlds deepest New Zealand aquifers in the Central North Island, Kiwi Water is 100% free flowing artesian spring mineral water.

The Kiwi Water brand was designed to represent the qualities for which New Zealand is known around the world: its extraordinary kiwi bird and other native flora and fauna, lush and rugged landscapes, clear blue skies and pristine water supplies.

Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson is proud of his Tuhoe and Tainui heritage and passionate about the Urewera region of the North Island. His whanau (family) says this of their ancestory:

“There is a concept that is uniquely ours of Tuhoe, called ‘matemateaone’. It is up to the individual to interpret, but basically it encompasses all one could feel for one’s land, rivers, mountains and forests; we are one with all these things and we will fight to the death and beyond to protect them.

“We are the children of the mist; our ancestors, the mist maiden and Maunga, a mountain, came together in Ruatahuna and began Potiki, who began Nga Potiki, the first hapu, or sub tribes, who ultimately became you and me today.”

At the age of 17, Daniel went to Australia to pursue a boat building apprenticeship, and stayed for 13 years. During his time in such a hot dry climate, he learnt to appreciate the real value of a pure, affordable and uninterrupted water supply. He decided to return to his roots and harvest what New Zealanders take for granted and have in abundance, to benefit others who don’t have that luxury.

Read more about Te Urewera National Park, the North Island brown kiwi and how you can help save them from extinction.

Our water is 100% free flowing artesian spring mineral water from New Zealand. Originating from rainwater stored deep below the earth’s surface and filtering through layers of rock, Kiwi Water truly is nature’s perfection – with great clarity and softness on the palate.

Nature’s perfection… pure taste

Our water is 100% free flowing artesian spring mineral water from New Zealand. Originating from rainwater stored deep below the earth’s surface and filtering through layers of rock, Kiwi Water truly is nature’s perfection – with great clarity and softness on the palate.

New Zealand, Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud. Home to an annual rain fall over over 500 trillion litres originating from the pure southern ocean that surrounds our beautiful country. The source of our artesian spring water falls as rain and snow on the majestic Kaweka ranges that surround the North Islands Hawkes Bay.

Rainfall and snowmelt seep through volcanic soil and rock to form the Heretaunga aquifer which flows deep below the Hawkes Bay and out to sea. Through its journey from mountain to sea the aquifer is naturally filtered, and through this process it gains it’s unique soft and sweet taste delivered to you as natural, alkaline, pH8 spring water.

Trusted testing & bottling

Kiwi Water has made a significant investment in industry best practice filtration and sterilisation systems. Upon entering the production facility directly from the aquifer feed pipe the spring water passes through the following multi-stage process to ensure product safety:

1. Filtration and UV Disinfection
2. 1 micron Primary Filter
3. 0.2 micron Nominal Filter
4. UV Disinfection
5. 0.2 micron Absolute (Microbiological) Filter

Kiwi Water offers two separate process and packaging sterilisation methods which can be utilised either independently or in unison.

1. Ozonisation
2. Nano Silver

Typical water analysis

Calcium 22mg/L
Sodium 9.3mg/L
Potassium 1.44mg/L
Flouride 0.15mg/L
Magnesium 1.98mg/L
Silica 18.3mg/L
Total dissolved solids 113mg/L
pH 8

Our Products

Quality products

Nature’s perfection…  pure taste

Kiwi Water is bottled at source, has great clarity and is soft on the palate. We offer it in two different-sized, easy-to-carry plastic bottles: 600ml and 1L.

We also offer a 5l and 10l bag in box.

Plastic Bottles

Case of 24x 600ml bottles

Case of 12x 1l bottles

Bag In Box

5l bag in box

10l bag in box

Water Facts

We dispel the myths about your water needs

Kiwi Water doesn’t subscribe to the ‘eight glasses of water every day’ mantra – we tell the truth about your water needs.

Experts say:

  • Drink at least six to eight cups of liquid per day – that’s from water, tea, coffee, other drinks and food.
  • Drink enough to make you pee four or five times a day.
  • Don’t ignore your thirst, even if it’s only mild. And the elderly and young should drink water frequently, even if they are not thirsty.
  • We need water in larger amounts than we can make it from food – so we must drink it every day.
  • Water and oxygen are the two most essential materials for human life. Most people will die if they go for more than five days without water.
  • Water is 50–80% of our body weight, with the average adult male body containing about 40L water.
  • There is no sound proof that 8 glasses of water a day gives you healthier skin.
  • Drinking extra water doesn’t lead to weight loss, but if you drink it instead of sodas or juice or food – it may do.
  • Accessible, clean drinking water is vital to life!

Advantages of bottled spring water

  • It tastes delicious.
  • It is chemical and germ free.
  • It’s always cold and ready to go out with you.
  • It’s convenient to have in the car when you’re driving long distances.
  • You always have it on hand when kids are thirsty.
  • It is a far healthier choice when you are out and about than fizzy drinks or fruit juice.

Why do we need water?

Water is found in all our body tissues – three-quarters of the human brain is made up of water. Water is necessary for so many things, eg, lubricating joints, regulating body temperature, transporting dissolved molecules to parts of the body, getting rid of poisonous waste products.

How much water do we need?

Our digestive systems use about 12L of water every day and, even without exercising, we lose 3L a day through breathing, sweating, urine and faeces. We retain some water by reabsorbing it from the bowel. To keep functioning normally, we need a steady supply of water from the daily intake of food and drink. Men need about 3L of water (from all sources) per day and women, about 2.2L. Food gives us about IL of that, with about 0.3L coming from the water produced by the breakdown of food. The remainder needs to come from fluids, eg, water, milk, tea, coffee and other drinks.

What if I dont get enough water?

Dehydration sets in when a person has lost 2% of his or her body weight. So for a 100kg man, this means losing 2kg of water. Dehydration is caused by not getting enough fluids, or by losing too much fluid. Chronic, mild dehydration and poor fluid intake can increase your risk of:

  • kidney stones
  • urinary tract cancers
  • colon cancer
  • heart valve disorders
  • decreased physical and mental performance.

What causes chronic, mild dehydration?

Several things can cause this, including: not drinking enough water during the day, drinking a lot of caffeine and alcohol, environmental conditions and exercise. Young people and the elderly are more at risk from dehydration.

Water and exercise

If you exercise vigorously you should drink 250ml water before starting and then have 125ml every 15 minutes. This will prevent dehydration and improve your performance.

References: NPR Health;; Metro magazine


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Help save the Kiwi

New Zealand’s national bird is in danger!

Kiwi Water is committed to helping save the kiwi from extinction. For every bottle of Kiwi Water sold, a percentage of profits is donated to a designated organisation that helps protect our precious Kiwi Bird.

You, too, can help save the kiwi and other New Zealand native animals and plants. Choose pure Kiwi Water, and donate directly to Forest and Bird on its website.

The Kiwi identity

Internationally it’s well recognised that New Zealanders are known as Kiwis – this nickname is derived not from the widely exported furry-skinned kiwifruit, but from our unique flightless, nocturnal bird.

Our identity as a nation is indelibly linked to the kiwi, denoting individuality and a humble strength of character – hence the name of our premium spring water company!

Maori named the bird kiwi, perhaps for its distinctive call, and treasure it as a creature of the forest floor as well as for its feathers, which adorn the cloaks of very important people. The kiwi has the special protection of Tane Mahuta – god of the forest.

Sadly, this hasn’t been enough to protect kiwi from introduced predators, and they are now our most endangered native bird. The range of the kiwi has been reduced by 20% in recent years due to predators like stoats and weasels.