Kiwi Water launches premium water at an affordable price – and a drop for New Zealand’s native bird!

Yes, it may be a crowded market, but Daniel Wilson, the owner of Kiwi Water, has a life-long love of all things water and his passions extend to more than just selling it. He launches into the Australian market this week, with 100% free flowing artesian spring mineral water sourced from the Blue Spring at the foothills of the North Island’s Mamaku Ranges. And a percentage of profits will go to the help save New Zealanders’ eponymous bird – the kiwi. Daniel will be working with organisations that directly help our precious Kiwi Bird, New Zealand’s most endangered native bird. Proud of his Maori heritage, and passionate about the Urewera region of the North Island, Daniel lives by the Tuhoe promise to “protect the water, hills, land and trees to death and beyond”. He knows what a precious commodity water is – he spent 13 thirsty years in the hot and dusty Australian climate and woke up to the fact that this wasn’t quite the land of abundance he had dreamt of. So he left boat building and concrete contracting to return to his New Zealand roots and market quality water at an affordable price to parts of the world that need it. Kiwi Water’s premium quality water is also available for purchase in New Zealand. To find out more about Kiwi Water, its source, bottling and products – and how to order them – please visit the Kiwi Water website. Nature’s perfection…  pure taste Contact Kiwi Water for more information.

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